RIGHT: Our favourite Guest! Talk about making an effort! We get many people wearing T-Shirts but none but this dude have gone fulll pelt. Pls get in touch so we can credit you!

The Unofficial Ted Lasso Tour turns 2 in July  2024. 

I  can honestly say that 'Tedheads' are the best fans in the world; so sweet, so authentic, so kind. I am so very lucky to have made so many friends in the US & am eternally grateful to Bill Lawrence, Jason Sudeikis, Joe Kelly, & the entire writing room & producers who made this show possible.  A special thank you also to Chris Bunyan, senior locations manager, & his team.  
Chris, you are an unsung genius!...

We know you are very busy & that Warner has strict rules about what y'all can be seen to endorse, but we hope we are doing you all proud & please know how deeply we & our guests appreciate the wonder of what you have created. It It is my hope that this little local tour will strive to keep the magic of your creation alive for many years & give the fans somewhere to come to indulge their love for all things Lasso, if y'all really are done now. (Um... Jason, C'mon now - AFC Richmond Women's SPIN OFF?!?!?!? ;)

Guys, I hope you know you created more than a TV show; You created a lesson in how to strive to be a good human...

Thankyou sincerely, from the bottom of all our hearts.



All good tours start with a Cinderella-esque story. 

Here is Emmy's;)...

I was VERY late to to the show. I had a 3.5month old  baby (Willow) in January 2023 and all new parents know the challenges of getting their little one off to sleep for their naps. I used to do laps outside Ted's Pub, 3 minutes from my home in Richmond,  as the motion of the cobbles on the pram got her off to sleep.

I wondered why there were always so many of 'my people' (I LOVE the USA!) there taking pictures, and what this yellow 'BELIEVE' sign was that I kept seeing around the area.

One day a Manhattanite asked me to take his picture with an old skool camera & we got chatting. as I lived there for a year.  He gave me a proper dressing down (in that firm-but-loving way that only New Yorkers can ;), for living in Richmond and never having seen the show. 

That evening I went home and watched the first episode. Because all I was doing was (cluster!) breastfeeding my baby on a couch, with my Mum down to help (thanks Mum!), I was able to bingewatch S1 & S2 in 3 days!

The show & it's loving message got me through a challenging time. Willow's Daddy and I separated around that time & it gave me the strength I needed to get through that transition period. 

From the first ep on, I was a DIEHARD TEDHEAD! Then I naturally started to show people where to go when out napwalking Willow, I was so happy to share the joy of Ted with the tourists! They always tried to tip me, & said I should set up my own tour! Just so kind!

Then one day a local resident, asked me could she pay me to create a little tour for her visiting American in-laws. I did so, and, the Ted Lasso Tour was born! Troy, Reece & Tom at the  Princes Head pub were wonderful & supporting too! I simply could not believe that no one had already set up a tour! I ran my first tour July 2nd (thanks Douglas & daughter!) and I am so grateful to say business has been booming ever since! I did not know what I was going to do financially as a (co-parenting) single Mamma, but the tour ensured I was able to get on my feet, and most importantly made me financiallly able to 'stay in the game' as an actor & keep auditioning & working periodically, which is priceless.

Victoria joined the team in March 2023 to meet demand, followed by carly & Bruce that summer, then Sandra in 2024. We shall be expanding our tour to other Lasso locations in other areas of London too!

This is my chance to say thank you to my fabulous tour guides,  tour patrons & the local Richmond businesses for supporting my tour, especially Claudio & Cristina at La Reale Camiceria for making me my fab Lasso uniform!  http://www.realecamiceria.co.uk

Love, Hugs & Cups of Tea (Ted babe, you're wrong about that),



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