Emmy - Business owner & tour guide

Hey Y'all!...

I'm Emmy; a British actor,* comedy writer/performer ,  babymamma to 20 month old Willow & Huuuuge tedhead!

Ted sure has got me through some bad times & I am super grateful. (for full story, see 'about' page).

I am a Richmond local & have called London  home for 22 years, but i am originally & proudly from Manchester.  and yep!- City fan - like all Real Mancunians ;), so you will hear my accent is a little similar to Jamie Tartt's, I hope to bring a taste of the North of England to your tour!

I also ADORE the USA and Americans! I consider myself an 'americanophile'. I am very extroverted, very loud, and not your typical brit! when I first visited when I was 6 years old, i felt like I'd arrived 'home', it was a very deep rooted feeling, very unexplained, & I still feel like this today! But I very much believe in synchronicity, destiny  & all things hippy-dipppy like this! everytime Jason Sudeikis references 'the universe' in an interview I'm like, yeaaaaahhh bro!

 I lived in NYC for a year, and in 2018/9, visited 11 US cities in one year (back and forth), hence the Brit-US synergy at the core of the show is right up my street!**

With my US ties, work within the TV industry and Richmond locality, I BELIEVE (;) I am the perfect person to take you on the Ted Tour!

By patronizing this tour, you will be supporting a single Mum continue to work as an actor, and do another job I love in between!


- tour guide & emmy's right hand gal!

 Hi I’m Vic!  (But Willow calls me Keeley—or Ted, both of which are absolute compliments) 
I love: meeting people,
 watching Ted Lasso,
 being in Richmond,
 talking to people about watching Ted Lasso while being in Richmond.

This is also EXACTLY how Emmy and I met! We hit it off when I attended the tour, and now I join her in bringing bantr and good vibes to fellow fans when Emmy’s off wearing another of her many hats. Like Ted, I was once a stranger to Richmond, but have now grown to love and see it as my home away from home. 

Vic wrote the above herself, but Emmy wishes to add that Vic is a fantastic theatremaker who is currenty performing in 'As You Like It' at the Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond! (pure coincidence, but vic believes Ted &  i are her lucky charms!) 

 Vic is currently an Associate Artist with Bhumi Collective, an international, multicultural and transnational collective telling stories about the lesser seen, lesser and lesser talked about; particularly from the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) community. As a woman, she continuously reflects on female identity as a continual performance and its potential for “empowerment” in modern society.

GO VIC!!!! xxxx

Willow  (-calling all the shots from behind the scenes ;)


I am Willow, and I like chatting, giggling, climbing anything & everything, running around like a maniac, saying 'NO!' (I can give Roy a run for his money!) and occasional yelling. 

my seventh clear word spoken was 'TED'! 

I now say 'ted lasso' when I am in trouble with mummy, as I know it makes her laugh & forget what she is peeved about! sneaky!

Mummy thought of creating this tour, when nap-walking me to sleep on the cobbles outside Ted's Pub, and stopping to chat and take pics for Ted Tourists!

On the odd occasion, you may see me when I get dropped off by my nanny at the princes' head to mummy post-tour if you have been late & so your tour has overran. 

I (usually!) love people and look forward to smiling at you soon!....


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